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 Do you sometimes feel run over by all the fast pace? 

Handpoke is slowing down.

The color is worked into your skin stich by stich by hand.

It's a quiet and meditative process.

Balm for your body, mind and soul.

Immerse yourself in the moment and enjoy

the peace and magic of this creative process.

Allow yourself to receive with ease. Breath.

This is your spa and quality place for your tattoo.

 Do you want to give your tattoo a powerful meaning? 


Handpoke is the traditional way of tattooing.

Many thousands of years ago, this method was already used (and still is) by indigenous people. Let's honor that.

Sacred tattoing was used as example from Egypt women.

Women tattoed only women in a sacred way for womb healing, sexual healing, trauma healing and more. 

Set your own talisman for your vision, your energy, your success, your transformation, your healing...

You are doing wonderful.

 Do you want what comes under your skin is stung with clarity, high frequency and awareness? 

I see you. I hear you.

I love take time for you and your project.

Your appointment is unique and deserves to remain in memory.

I give you space for development, for clarity, for awareness.

Fill your body with empowering energy -

your body, mind and soul only deserve it that way.


And of course...

A tattoo looks just pretty good on you. 

 Do you care about the ink that goes under your skin and the materials used? 

I use vegan ink and whose ingredients comply with the EU REACH and Swiss regulation. I did long researches about the perfekt ink for your skin. But even with the best research, it's still ink that goes under your skin - to be aware of that.


It is important to me to make the whole process as sustainable as possible, e.g. by using compostable materials.

I always try to improve and learn.


 Get in touch if you want information about the materials used.

 Do you like motifs that are connected with the nature and the universe

My main focus on designs is around floral designs, animals, star signs, ornaments, the universe...

Empowerment. Authenticity. Connection. Freedom. Love.


You can find more of my art on INSTAGRAM


tattooed woman

Kalinga Tribe, Philippines

by Jake Verzosa



I offer two options for your unique tattoo session: 

 a. ritual handpoke tattoo session 

​This session is the same as a handpoke tattoo session, but with a little more focus on your individual energy and topic. 

We dive deeper into the meaning of your tattoo. The process can be combined with e.g. meditation, yoga, human design, energetic placement, essential oils, small massage, crystals...


We look at what gives you the most energy or relaxation right now and where you want to dive deeper. 


transformative, nourishing, expanding 

 b. handpoke tattoo session 

We focus on your design.

Stitch by stitch, it is worked into your skin by hand. Hand stitching creates a unique structure in the tattoo. A process that makes your tattoo even more unforgettable.


cozy, authentic, unique



looking good

with that tattoo


You are pure magic.

You deserve  it all.

Show it to the world.

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