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TATTOO Preparation &



with love

before your appointment

  • If tattoo location is known: Take care of the spot (if dry) already 2 days before with a moisturizer.

  • Drink best the night before and before the appointment no or if, then only little alcohol (dilutes your blood) + no coffee 2hrs before the appointment.

  • Inform me in advance about any health problems and allergies. We will go through a health check before the lancing. The appointment can be canceled if your health does not allow a tattoo. I don't tattoo if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

  • Recommendation: Think in advance what your tattoo means to you (emotionally), so that you can let this energy flow into your tattoo during the tattooing.

during your appointment

  • Dress comfortably for the appointment (e.g. cozy sports/trainer outfit). Make sure you don't wear anything tight where the tattoo will go.

  • Water and tea is provided. It is best to eat something beforehand or take a snack with you in case you get hungry.

  • Please be on time (not earlier / not later) or inform me, if you are not.

  • You can pay by cash, Twint, Paypal or Credit Card. Only in some cases you can pay by bill. If you want to pay in rates, please contact me first.


after your appointment

 The recommendations always depend on the placement and size of your tattoo. However, they are important to avoid infections and for your tattoo to heal nicely. 


Your tattoo will be covered with a waterproof but breathable patch called second skin. Remove the patch after 3 days. You can shower and you don't need to put cream on your tattoo during this time.


Tips for removing the patch:

  • hold under lukewarm water and peel off

  • clean with PH neutral soap or lukewarm water

  • dry with a fresh paper towel (dab only)

  • use a little cream

During the first 7 days

  • avoid (heavy) sports / sweating

  • avoid stretching the tattoo

  • no bathing and swimming

  • no solarium, sauna or steaming hot showers

  • protect the tattoo from the sun

From day 3 to 30

  • apply cream 1-2 times a day (thin layer and clean hands)

  • fresh air is good for wound healing

  • pat your tattoo to dry

  • no rubbing or scratching

After 30 days your tattoo will be completely healed. Always use sunscreen and moisturizer if needed to continue to care for your tattoo.  

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