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magic by izy

My name is Isabelle Marisa or short Izy

I'm the founder of Magic by Izy - a creative spa place for your soul and nice tattoos.

Magic by Izy is for you if...

  • you want to experience life with all senses

  • you want go with the heart first

  • you are curious about mindset, yoga, rituals, creativity, transformation, energy work 

  • you want to create a life full of lightness, fun and playfulness - no matter what happened before

  • you want to reconnect with your true authentic self - no bullshit anymore

On a journey into the unknown, but knowing what the heart wants. On the way to unfold the full potential - and I'm here to support you in doing so.

My work:

I've worked with humans since 12 years now, e. g. in the field of health, social work, yoga, retreats and woman empowerment. In my work with people I have realized how important our mindset and our subconscious is. No matter where you come from, who you are or what you have experienced - the way you deal with it is fundamental. In my work, I don't just scratch the surface, but go deeper. I want you to open up fully, in a way that brings out the authentic you. Layer by layer away from what you think you are - towards you, your true essence.

I believe that we have to follow more what our hearts tell us, also in order to find more peace and quiet as a society.

 what I offer:

  • a safe space for you in all of my containers

  • tattoos (or tattoo rituals) to enrich your soul, to remember, to dive deep - a source of energy, a talisman in your life

  • coaching support in your transformation - from "it's not possible" to "it's actually easy"

  • ways to take the action steps, but not overwork

  • to truly listen and support you by asking the right questions

  • to create together & to rise your inspiration


freedom, authenticity, mindfulness, playfulness 

 favorite place 

the ocean, the forest & Asia 

 Stars & stuff 

  • Aquarius sun, pisces moon, taurus rising

  • HD: 1/4 Generator

  • ENFP


We are magic

My journey is an experiment of creation and I know that everything is possible. 

I love the magic of life - how we can create our own reality. Ever since I was little, magic has excited me. I immersed myself in the world of Harry Potter and wished that I would be invited to this magical world. My mother even gave me the now famous book "the Secret" at that time (when I was around 14, so 13 years ago). I loved it and at the same time I was infinitely embarrassed that I believed in magic and miracles - I shared this knowledge only with my best friend. As I grew older I forgot about access to this magic for a while, I thought it's not real and I have to devote myself to "real life".

Until now I understood how magical our life is and how much magic is in the air. How I can create my own reality and how we are all connected.

That this is the magic. That we are magic.

With much love,



Professional Background


​since January 2022 

Yoga Teacher 200hr by Yoga East + West

Juli 2022 - September 2022  

Yogateacher @Mahakala Retreats in Montenegro


Bachelor Social Work

work with cancer & rheumatic patients

work in social aid & child/adult protection

work with children / teenager

Leadership & Coaching Certification (u. A.)

by Liza Leiss

- EFT Practitioner

- NLP Practitioner

- Trigger informed coaching

- Hypnosis

- TIME Practitioner

- Coaching

- Soulful Leadership



February 2021 

I did my first hand poke tattoo - then I tattooed one year just a bit for fun. 


  • 2021 handpoke course by Maria Inspirada

  • 2022 ritual tattoo art by Ashley River

since March 2022  

I decided to connect my knowledge from yoga to handpoke tattoos. Since then I started to build my business with mindful handpoke and ritual tattoos.

Juli 2022 - September 2o22

Tattoo Artist @Mahakala Retreats Montenegro


Woman Empowerment Week 2020

78 woman participating


Apprenticeship Pharma-Assistant

I worked 5 years in health field.

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