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with love

Anytime you feed your soul, it guarantees increase.

all you need to know to book your spot

On the main page you can find more info about handpoke tattoo art. You can also contact me that I can answer your questions.


There are three ways to get a tattoo.

All of them are made with love, good energy and with meditative character.

You and your experience are the focus. 


1. prepared tattoo design (flash)


On the next pages you will find some designs that I have already created (coming soon). They are related to Mahakala, Yoga, Spirituality & Montenegro. Each tattoo is unique & individual. 


2. individual tattoo design


Not sure what kind of design you want yet? Together we dive into the art - I ask you individual questions about the energy you want in your tattoo, the motifs etc.

Together we will create your personal tattoo. Individual & more complex designs, take more time.

3. tattoo ritual (also possible in nature)


Here you can choose between a finished design or an individual design. The tattoo ritual will be designed according to your wishes & needs e. g. meditation (before & during the stitching), chakra placement, incense, ecstatic dance, energy work...

These places are very limited as they take more time. Just ask me for more information.


Here you can find a Google Drive document with different timeslots where you can sign up. The spots are very limited. I will start tattooing in Switzerland again in autumn, if you couldn't get a spot, you are welcome to come to my studio in Biel or Bern. 


To avoid stress during the session, we can discuss your project before and work out the approximate price. Just ask me and I can tell you more. Here are some references:


1. Tattoo Session (flash)


You can expect a price of 144.- Euro / h.

There everything is included (design, consultation, stitching, hygiene, material, health check...). 


2. Very small Tattoo (special offer)

There is also a special offer for very small designs (under 30min). Each costs 77.- and you can find them when you scroll down. There is no extra included. 

3. individual Design

We will sit together to create your design. So the price will be a bit higher, because it requires more time.

4. Rituals

The Rituals also need more time, so the price will be higher.

5. Special price for people in need


If you live in difficult financial circumstances, you are welcome to contact me. Some of the spots I would like to offer for a lower price for people in need.


"I love to create beautiful moments in harmony for you."

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